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Hi-di-hi*Arts & Wonders® Bags and Accessories are for everyone who loves fun, style, color and design. First introduced in the Netherlands, Hi-di-hi bags and accessories are loved by people of all ages across Europe and Asia and are now available in the United States and Canada.

Hi-di-hi produces two collections each year:

– Spring: Available mid-March

– Fall: Available mid-September

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Hi-di-hi: So Fun, So You!


hangtag Noi-Noi front

Life is a grand adventure and who better to share it with than Noi-Noi? Spanish for ‘best friend,’ Noi-Noi handbags and accessories are designed to be functional and practical bags for everyday. With an emphasis on coordinating with the latest trends and color stories, Noi-Noi produces three collections each year:

– Spring: Available mid-March

– Back-to-School: Available mid-June

– Fall: Available mid-September

For the current sales book, please see Documents.

Noi-Noi by Hi-di-hi: Always by your side.


Content and Manufacturing

For trendsetters and the style-conscious alike, both Hi-di-hi brands offer functionality that does not compromise great design. Features include:

– water-resistant, durable materials in a wide array of colors, textures and styles;

– heavy duty zippers designed for rugged wear;

– extra pockets for storage with easy access to essentials.

Hi-di-hi bags are made from high-quality polyurethane synthetic leather with polyester lining and metal parts. These materials simulate the look and feel of natural leather. The advantages of using synthetic materials include:

– remarkably light weight materials for even large pieces such as over-night bags and briefcases;

– vegan materials – no animals are harmed in the testing or manufacture of Hi-di-hi products;

– durability and water-resistance;

– surprisingly affordable.

Hi-di-hi brand bags and accessories are designed in the Netherlands and produced following the principles of Fair Trade at factories in Guangzhou, China. Managed by our Dutch producer according to western standards, our products are handmade by talented professionals working in modern factories. Our strict control over the manufacturing process results in exceptional quality and innovation for a remarkably affordable price.
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