About Hot Cookies skirts by Moshiki

Hot Cookies are Moshiki’s best selling snap/wrap skirts that come in a wide variety of different fabrics and styles.

Styles: Hot Cookies vary from the very simple Bread to more elaborate styles that have removable pockets and more complex embellishments. Check out all of the styles from the Cotton Collection, the Corduroy Collection – perfect for transitional seasons, and the Wool Collection.

You can also find exceptional values on Discontinued Styles.

Features of Hot Cookies include:

  • Reversible: Many styles are reversible giving you two separate looks from one skirt
  • Pocket: Many styles have pockets – some are fixed and some are removable. Removable pockets that are also reversible include hardware on both sides so the pocket can be attached to the reverse side
  • Snaps: Styles with a double row of snaps tend to look best when worn lower on the body – at the hips. Styles with a single row of snaps can be worn either low at the hips or higher at the natural waist. The type of snaps vary with different skirt styles from standard stainless steel, brass, colored or pearl snaps.
  • Silhouette: Some styles have a very straight silhouette such as the Butter while other styles – like the Souffle – have a full shape.
  • Embellishment: Some styles have minimal or no extra embellishment while others have things such as:
    • Bottom trim: Chapati includes fun ribbons near the hem
    • Pocket details: Apple Mousse has a layered angle detail on the pocket
    • Ruffles: Almond Roll has a row of ruffles at the bottom
    • Lace details: Butter includes lace trim
    • Panels: Breaking up the fabric into panels on styles such as Donut create a slimming effect

Fabrics: Hot Cookies are made from lightweight cotton fabrics:

  • print
  • denim
  • solid colored “c” fabric
  • a blend of 65% cotton/35% polyester for the Truffle Forest and Truffle Cacao styles

Special Hot Cookies are made for the winter season that combine the cotton fabrics with fun corduroy, wool blend tweed or a gorgeous blend of recycled materials called Blazzer (65% recycled wool/35% mix of cotton, polyacrylic, polyester and nylon).

Sizing: Hot Cookies are designed to be “one size fits most” through their ingenious system of snaps.

  • Most Hot Cookies fit approximately size 2 – 14.
  • The XL size is made with more fabric and fits approximately size 10 – 18.
  • Two styles – Honey Slim and Mini Choko – are made for smaller women approximately size 0 – 6 or teen agers. They are not intended for children under the age of 12.

Manufacturing – “One-of-a-Kind(ish)”: Thousands of different combinations of Hot Cookies skirts are made each year by our factory in India in “micro-batches” of 5 skirts per combination. Skirts are then sent to various stores around the world with the goal being that skirts are actually “one-of-a-kind” within any given location. Occasionally, we see several of the same color combination in North America and with some styles such as Truffle Cacao or Black Wave the variety can be much less.

How we achieve such incredible diversity is that we purchase fabric remnants from the market thus reducing waste and creating our beautiful “one-of-a-kind(ish)” skirts.


For us, Fair Trade is not just a marketing concept – we live it. We work closely with our partners and know exactly who the people are that work for us. We spend time in our factories with our workers to ensure that they understand our ideas and designs and can turn their love for their craft and materials into wonderful products. They are very committed and love what they do. The outcome is fashion products providing lots of fun for everyone – but most of all for your customers.

We have based our production on rather simple but nonetheless valuable principles: fairness, responsibility, adequate pay, no child work.